10 Things You Should Be Asking Your Potential Wedding Photographer

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Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be difficult. We know, we’ve been there for our own wedding. When we talk to our clients, it’s clear that more often than not, they just don’t know what types of questions to ask, which is why I have compiled a list of the 10 questions everyone should ask their potential photographer! Simply asking these basic questions should help guide your choice (even if it’s not us)! You don't need to ask what kind of camera they shoot with - but there are some questions you should definitely know the answers to before signing a contract.

This is a day you'll want to remember for the rest of your life. You deserve so much more than an awkward photoshoot with forced smiles and rushed poses. You deserve to authenticity. You deserve to remember how you felt when you woke up in the morning, when you said your vows, embraced your lover, and had your first dance. Your photos will shape how you and everyone you love remembers the day, let's make the most of it.

If you're only going to take away one tip, it should be this one...

Whatever you do, hire a professional photographer not just a family friend with a camera. These photos aren't just for you. They're for your great-great grandkids 100 years from now. Anyone can take a good picture when everything is going right, only a seasoned professional can take excellent pictures if everything is going wrong.

Do you have insurance and will you get the required permits?

This should be the first question you ask your potential photographer, as it’s an easy way to weed out any unprofessionals. All professional wedding photographers should have insurance, and many venues require that vendors show proof of insurance as well. If they say they can "get insurance for your wedding" that doesn't count.

Likewise, ALL public land in Hawai'i requires your photographer to obtain a permit (engagement photoshoots, adventure elopements, and weddings alike). Unless the entirety of your day is held on private property your photographer will need a permit and should be familiar with the process. Taking photos at locations without permits:



  • Is breaking the law
  • Invalidates your contract with your photographer (because they are knowingly breaking the law).
  • Will invalidate the photographer's insurance if something were to happen.
  • Can negatively impact others in Hawai'i that are trying to enjoy the landscapes legally.
  • Please note that if a location is off-limits it's usually for a reason. For example, cultural sites, dangerous areas, and fragile ecosystems are common illegal spots. If in doubt reach out and we'd be happy to let you know if a site is legal or not. There are so many gorgeous and legal locations to hold an intimate wedding ceremony, it just take a bit of paperwork (and we'll handle all of it)!




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