A Tropical Destination Wedding at Kualoa Ranch

Embark on a breathtaking journey as we delve into the love story of Sonya and Jesse, an adventurous couple who chose to tie the knot amidst the captivating beauty of Secret Beach at Kualoa Ranch. Imagine a secret beach nestled within the majestic Kualoa Ranch, where an outrigger awaits, ready to carry you to a secluded white sand beach. Join us as we unravel the magic of their Hawaiian elopement, adorned with white roses, vibrant tropical flowers, and a mesmerizing backdrop of the Koolau Mountains.

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A Dreamy Outrigger Adventure

Picture the exhilaration of gliding across the crystal-clear waters of a Hawaiian fishpond, with your partner waiting on the other side. Sonya and Jesse embarked on a remarkable voyage to their wedding ceremony at Secret Beach, with a few close friends and family members by their sides. This unique mode of transportation set the stage for a celebration that was as extraordinary as their love.

After friends placed a tropical Haku flower crown on Sonya and Maile Lei onJesse the two shared a first look moment, then walked hand-in-hand to their ceremony. Standing within a circle of flowers their officiant started the ceremony with a song.

After making it official their guests left back to the other side of the fish pond while Sonya nad Jesse stayed for more portraits on the beach just before they skies oped up in true Winward side fashion. We ended our time at Kualoa with another ride on the outrigger boat across the fishpond before goingto Kualoa Ranch beach park for some more wedding photos.

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A Majestic Backdrop: The Koolau Mountains

Jesse and Sonya chose Kualoa because of the breathtaking vista of the Koolau Mountains. The rolling emerald peaks, shrouded in mist, provided an awe-inspiring backdrop that seemed like a brushstroke from an artist's hand. Drone photos and images of the Koolau Mountains capture the essence of this magical location, forever preserving the couple's love against the grandeur of nature.

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Permits for all locations in these photos and video was acquired prior to shooting, including a FAA Part 107 license for all drone photography captured at Kualoa Ranch.

Please follow local laws and regulations if visiting Hawai’i.