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Hi! We're Patrick & Kelsi

By day, Patrick is a marine biologist and Kelsi runs the business. By later that day, we’re working on our boat or eating burritos at our favorite place on the other side of the island (Surf n’ Salsa, don’t miss out!). And by night, we’re planning our next adventure. (The last one was the Maldives for our honeymoon!) During quarantine we're watching way too much TV and perfecting our homemade bread recipes. It’s our passion in life to meet amazing couples like you, get a few beers, and capture your life-long memories. So, let's do this thing!

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We'll be your adventure guides, confidants, and friends

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When you hire us—you’re getting so much more than just a photographer. We are your wedding planner who helps you find a beautiful spot to get married, your adventure partner, tour guide, and pack mule. We’re your cheerleader who will zip up your dress & tell you that you look amazing (because you do).

We’ll share everything we learned from capturing over 100+ couples - including what to do, what not to do, and everything you never even thought of! You’ll get as much help & guidance as you need to create your fully-customized dream elopement that’s 100% YOU. We want to capture the fleeting moments of your time together - and turn them into timeless memories. We're adventurous elopement photographers here for the spontaneous, the laid back and the MADLY in love.

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I think being an adventurous elopement photographer is the BEST job in the world. I’m a huge romantic, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I LOVE our little business. When we’re at your wedding, I’m working behind the scenes to make sure we capture the best moments of your day. I’ll be there to give you a pep talk before you walk down the aisle, or to help zip up your dress, and I’m always ready with safety pins or a tissue — just in case.

When I was little, I loved looking through the black and white photographs of my grandparents from when they were young. Really, to this day, those photos are my most treasured possessions. I’m stoked that we get to be here to make sure you’ll have amazing photos to look through every year on your anniversary. (And to show future 8-year-old grandchildren what you looked like when you were young).


I’m the primary photographer in this duo, and I spend most of my time behind the lens. On your wedding day, I’m running around on-site, capturing the magic told by light and angles. I’ll be honest, I’m a perfectionist — always checking for the small details in every shot (but I’m also ALL about those candid moments).

I’m an avid climber, adventurer, and diver and I love combining those things with photography. I can capture unforgettable moments from deep beneath the ocean to the island’s highest peaks. When it comes to your photos, I’m a minimalist — each image is crafted from the start to require as little editing as possible. That being said, I’m a wizard at Photoshop and you should check out our editing process here.

I’m also a marine biologist, pursuing my PhD in coral reef conservation ecology at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and believe to my core in respecting the planet.

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Five things that make us different

Kelsi is an ordained officiant and can legally sign your marriage license (in most states).


If you want to keep your elopement as intimate as possible, we can help! We'll provide resources to create a private vow reading that's authentic to your individual love story. Or, if you want to have a close friend or family member marry you, we'll walk you through the process.

Patrick is a PADI Certified Dive Instructor, and Kelsi is a certified rescue diver. So, you'll always be safe in the water.


The ocean is Patrick's first love - he fell hard at 16 and hasn't looked back since. As a marine biologist pursuing his PhD Patrick has instilled a deep respect for the ocean into the core of our relationship. Professional underwater photography is how we got started! All our underwater sessions are safe, respect sea life, and are SO MUCH FUN.

We have a FAA License to legally fly and operate our drone here in Hawai'i + Insurance required by most vendors.


The FAA Part 107 Certificate is required for anyone who flies a drone for commercial purposes (no, we won't crash it while flying over you!). Plus, most venues require that photographers have robust insurance - so you don't have to worry about a thing. We've already got you covered!

We're both CPR/ First Aid Certified (though we've never needed those skills during a photoshoot)!


Safety is important to us. We're both CPR and First Aid Certified. We always have a first-aid-kit with us (plus our Marry Poppins bag of snacks, safety pins, and more) during a photoshoot, wedding, or adventure.

We believe strongly in leaving no trace, and protecting the aina (land).


Land in Hawai'i is sacred and we believe strongly that it should be protected. We'll provide reef-safe sunscreen for in the water sessions, won't go off trail, and usually leave a shoot with a few extras pieces of trash we found along the way in our backpack. Plus, we offset all our carbon from travel at the end of each year.

Some stuff you need to know about us

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we have a kitty named

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