Aerial photo of couple laying on SUP board on ocean in Hawaii

Adventure Engagement on O'ahu

Are you dreaming of an engagement session that goes beyond traditional portraits? Imagine capturing your love story against the breathtaking backdrop of O'ahu, immersing yourselves in the island's natural wonders and creating unforgettable memories. An adventure engagement session on O'ahu is the perfect way to infuse your love with the magic of Hawai'i.

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Drone Photos on Pristine Beaches:

Kickstart your adventure engagement on O'ahu with an awe-inspiring drone photoshoot on one of the island's pristine beaches (we're fully licensed to legally take drone photos!). Picture yourselves standing hand in hand on soft, golden sands, with the crystal-clear turquoise waters and lush greenery as your backdrop. Let the drone capture your love from a unique perspective, showcasing the vastness of the ocean and the beauty of the island.

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Floating on SUP Boards in Turquoise Waters:

Take your engagement session to the next level by venturing into the serene turquoise waters on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Glide effortlessly across the gentle waves, embracing the tranquility and beauty that surrounds you. The SUP boards provide a romantic and playful setting, capturing your love in a way that is both adventurous and serene. The photos taken during this unique experience will be a cherished reminder of your love and the adventure you shared.

Embarking on a Waterfall Expedition:

No adventure engagement on O'ahu would be complete without venturing into the heart of the island's lush landscapes. Hike hand in hand with your partner through the vibrant rainforest, following the trail to a hidden gem—a captivating waterfall. Feel the mist on your skin as you stand in awe of nature's power and beauty. The photographs taken amidst the waterfall's ethereal surroundings will be nothing short of breathtaking, showcasing your love amidst the natural wonders of Hawai'i.

An adventure engagement on O'ahu is a truly extraordinary experience, combining the magic of love with the natural beauty of Hawai'i. From mesmerizing drone photos on pristine beaches to floating on SUP boards in the turquoise waters and exploring enchanting waterfalls, O'ahu offers a picturesque backdrop for your love story. Immerse yourself in the spirit of aloha and create memories that will last a lifetime. Are you ready to embark on this unforgettable adventure engagement? Contact Eternal Tides Photography today to start planning your dream engagement session on O'ahu.

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Permits for all locations in these photos and video was acquired prior to shooting, including a FAA Part 107 license for all drone photography.

Please follow local laws and regulations if visiting Hawai’i.