All day elopement timelines

Why would I want full day coverage of my

All day elopement timelines

intimate elopement?

This is not your typical staged photo shoot full of forced smiles and frustration. NO, THIS IS WAY DIFFERENT. This is the adventure of a lifetime. It’s authentic moments and amazing memories. This is the day you marry your best friend - IT MATTERS, and deserves to be documented, celebrated, and immortalized forever in images.


How many hours should you hire an elopement photographer for?

Elopements are JUST AS IMPORTANT as traditional weddings and deserve to be honored. We used to photograph 2 hour elopements and know many photographers offer this service. But we found that shorter photoshoots end up forcing connection, causing stress to stick to a timeline, and limit how we tell your love story. We want to capture authentic moments, not forced smiles and awkward poses. But don't worry, we know how important "traditional" family photos looking at the camera are - we'll take those too, they just won't feel stiff or forced. We want your whole elopement day to be a breeze (unless we're hiking to a peak, then it might be a bit hard, but worth it!).

If you're looking for someone to just show up and take a few photos, or get the best deal, we might not be the best fit and that's okay. We truly want you to find as much value in your photos as we do! These are the photos you'll share over and over, look back on and pass down. We want to create magic.

The majority of the elopements we photograph hire us for 6+ hours (i.e. all day). That’s right, we said it—an all-day elopement.

They’re real. They’re epic. And you know what? They happen so much more often than people might think! You might be wondering, “how can an elopement possibly last all day long?” Trust us, if you’re planning an adventurous elopement in your dream location that’s totally in line with everything you want, it’s not difficult for the elopement to fill a whole day—or two, even! It might seem like a weird concept, but when you think about it, it’s not all that crazy. Traditional weddings typically take up a whole day, right? You’ve got the getting ready, the first looks, the portraits, the ceremony, the after-party, and more. It’s an entire story. Just because you're eloping doesn't mean you have to compromise these moments.



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Elopement Timeline Examples



Sunset Adventure Elopement Timeline

Sunrise Adventure Elopement Timeline

~ 10 hour experience ~

~ 8 hour experience ~

1:00 pm: Meet couple at the trailhead to the waterfall, bringing champagne and crystal flute glasses for post-wedding celebrations! Begin the hike (about 2 miles) to the secret jungle waterfall.

2:00 pm: Arrive at the jungle waterfall. Couple changes into wedding clothes, photographers get into position.

2:15 pm: Ceremony begins, couples say their vows with a backdrop of dense canopy, chirping birds, and splashing water.

2:45 pm: Change back into hiking clothes, begin hike to mountain overlook (about 2 miles) for sunset celebration.

4:45 pm: Arrive at the mountaintop overlook. Couple changes back into formal clothes and sets up picnic in a clearing.

5:00 pm: Photos of couple along the mountain trail and having a cliff-side picnic. Toasts to follow with champagne and fresh fruit!

5:45 pm: Sunset bridal photos of couple during golden hour, overlooking the entire island with mountains as the backdrop.

6:15 pm: Couple begins descent back to trailhead.

7:45 pm: Stop at second vista for nighttime silhouette photos, and starry sky!

8:45 pm: Arrive back at the trailhead and drive to couple’s favorite brewery downtown!

9:00 pm: Couple orders their favorite brews, appetizers, and plays board games.

4:00 am: Get up, get ready. We all drive about 45 minutes to make sure all the gear, clothing, accessories needed for the ceremony and photos packed. We pack along a bag of snacks to share and eat a quick breakfast.

5:30 am(Our official time starts here) We arrive at Waihe’e State Park trailhead and begin the hike to the ceremony location (about 4 miles) and should take a little over 2 hours to reach.

6:57 am: True sunrise! Stop along the trail as the sky lights up with the beginning sunrise colors.

7:45 am: Arrive at ceremony location right before the sun rises over the mountains. Everyone moves into position and couple gets ready to say their vows during sunrise.

7:55 am(ish): Ceremony during sunrise.

8:10 am: Photos of couple during mountain sunrise on trail around the overlook with mountains in the background.

9:00 am: Begin hike back to the trailhead. Another 4 miles, should take around 2-3 hours to get back depending on photos. We always stop for photos on scenic parts of the trail. We’ll usually enjoy a mid-morning brunch (mimosas anyone)? as well.

12:00 pm: Hike done, couple checks into their AirBnB to change, decompress for a moment.

2:00 pm: We meet back up at the couple’s favorite beach-side park, get food from food truck, picnic on the lawn and play ukulele.

3:30 pm: Couple heads to Tunnels Beach, a local favorite, to relax and soak in the clear blue water and play in the surf.

4:30 We leave with rad memories and sand in our hair

The sky is truly the limit if you decide to elope. Love hiking and camping? Why not get married at a majestic mountain vista and tent out under the stars? Want fancy without the frills? Then how about chartering a private cruise for vows at sunset? It’s your once-in-a-lifetime love story, so why not make it so? Let your imaginations run wild, and we’ll be there to run with you!


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