Boho China Walls Engagement

Couple holding hands on China walls cliff on Oahu


If you didn’t already know, we love capturing anything unique! With soooo many unique locations to choose from in Hawai'i, we were glad that Jessica and Shawn decided on the dramatic cliffs overlooking the churning waves of the coast for their boho China Walls engagement session. It’s not uncommon for 10-20 ft waves to come from the open ocean, crashing over the sheer rock faces in massive sets. Luckily for us, the swell was down and relatively calm due to the seasonality of the trade winds. So we made our way down the precarious pathway to the ocean, with our couple dressed in boho jumpsuit and matching floral suit. These two are probably the most stylish couple we’ve gotten to photograph!

Their formal attire created a striking contrast with the unusually rugged surroundings. We wandered around the eroding cliffs, exploring the hidden coves of layered sandstone. Jessica and Shawn were amazing sports, clambering up and down the precarious slopes and precipices. Shallow tidepools lined the ledges and would occasionally fill with fresh seawater from the giant waves, dramatically splashing behind these two as they watched the sunset hand in hand.