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Four Steps to Choosing an Engagement Ring



Have the ring custom made

Make sure it's ethical

There are SO MANY options to create a gorgeous custom ring. Do you have an old family heirloom that needs a modern update? Make it into your partners dream ring with the help of your local jeweler. You can 'build a ring' here, or shop from La Kaiser or ... to make a totally unique and custom ring.

We’re strong believers that a beautiful thing cannot be beautiful if made in an ugly way. You should love your ring, including how it’s made. If you don’t know about the controversial history of diamonds, this is a great resource. But beyond that, there are so many ways to make sure you're choosing a conflict free stone. An engagement ring is a symbol of your love, so it is important that it reflects your values. There are so many ways to choose a more transparent, sustainable, and compassionate engagement ring, so why wouldn't you?



Make sure the ring fits

Consider choosing a unique ring

The most accurate way to determine ring size is to have your partner’s ring finger measured by a professional jeweler. But if you're trying to keep the proposal a surprise, don’t worry there are other options. Ask your partner’s parents or close friends about their ring size. Or, try borrowing one of your partner’s existing rings (make sure they wear it on their ring finger!). If you want to be super sneaky, you can measure with a sizing tape while they're sleeping.

We get it, diamonds are a girls best friend. They're gorgeous, but we're pretty opposed to the rule to "spend two months salary on the ring." You're starting a life together - and unless your partner has explicitly stated that they ant a diamond, consider other stones (I chose an opal for mine). Check out the history of diamond engagement rings here and some of our favorite designers below.



Unique Engagement Rings

Check out some of the unique rings we've been honored to photograph over the past few years