The Hawaiian Islands are among the most picturesque, with idyllic beaches and blue waters. With most of our couples coming to us from the continent, it’s no wonder that we get plenty of requests for the ‘quintessential Hawai'i. Jessica and Rob, having lived in Hawai'i themselves, had a desire to do something a bit different (ah, music to my creative ears!). We decided on the remote rocky coastline of Kaʻena Point to set the stage as a dramatic backdrop for their cliff-side anniversary session. The wind-swept shoreline and black lava rock, coupled with the salty sea spray and clear tide pools meant that we had plenty of cool shots to try out.  We scrambled our way down the sharp rocks to a secluded area by the ocean, just about all the way at the end of Kaʻena Point. Giant waves churned up the ocean in the background, and a rainbow hung around from the nearby mountain mist. The textures in the rocks and the moody light made Jessica and Rob stand out from the tumultuous surroundings (plus that bright blue dress!!!!). With the tide at its lowest point, the tide pools were clear and calm— what better place to enjoy a private salty bath with your partner??   We’ve been to Kaʻena Point many times since moving to the islands but never had a photoshoot there before. Each time we come across a new spot weʻd love to shoot at, we add it to our long list of ʻbucket listʻ locations that we dream of shooting at! If you’d like to take the pass less traveled, let us know! We appreciate Jessica and Rob trusting us to capture their love in such a rad new spot!