Kaena Point Couples Photoshoot

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Cliffside Anniversary Photoshoot on O'ahu

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The Hawaiian Islands are renowned for their picturesque landscapes, boasting idyllic beaches and crystal blue waters. While many couples seek the quintessential Hawai'i experience, Jessica and Rob, both military personnel stationed on O'ahu, desired something different for their anniversary photoshoot. Their desire to explore unconventional locations aligned perfectly with our creative vision. Thus, we embarked on an adventure to the remote rocky coastline of Kaʻena Point, setting the stage for a dramatic and memorable backdrop.

A Unique Vision: Military Love on O'ahu

As a military couple stationed on O'ahu, Jessica and Rob wanted to capture the essence of their brief time on the island. Rather than opting for the typical Hawaiian landscapes, they yearned for something distinctive and bold. Their willingness to venture off the beaten path excited us as we prepared to document their love against a breathtaking backdrop.

Kaʻena Point: Nature's Dramatic Canvas

The rugged and wind-swept shoreline of Kaʻena Point provided the perfect canvas for their cliff-side anniversary session. Nestled amidst black lava rock, with the salty sea spray and clear tide pools as our companions, we had a plethora of cool shots to experiment with. We navigated our way through the sharp rocks, eventually reaching a secluded area by the ocean, right at the edge of Kaʻena Point. Giant waves crashed in the background, while a nearby mountain mist formed a captivating rainbow. The textures of the rocks and the moody lighting beautifully contrasted Jessica and Rob, making them stand out amidst the tumultuous surroundings (not to mention Jessica's stunning bright blue dress!).

With the tide at its lowest point, the clear and calm tide pools provided the perfect setting for Jessica and Rob to enjoy a private salty bath together. Amidst the rugged beauty of Kaʻena Point, they immersed themselves in intimate moments that epitomized their love and connection.

At Eternal Tides Photography, we love venturing off the beaten path to capture unique and rad moments. Join us as we explore the remote beauty of Kaʻena Point, where Jessica and Rob, a military couple stationed on O'ahu, chose to immortalize their love. Discover the wind-swept shoreline, black lava rocks, and clear tide pools that create a captivating backdrop. Trust us to capture your love story in extraordinary locations that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Permits for all locations in these photos and video was acquired prior to shooting. Please follow local laws and regulations if visiting Hawai’i.