baby moon maternity photos in Hawaii


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Memories that celebrate your

Let’s document this magical time in your life with an outdoor maternity session in beautiful Hawai'i. We'll celebrate your beautiful baby bumb, motherhood, and your unique love story.


baby moon maternity photos in Hawaii
baby moon maternity photos in Hawaii

Turn Your Fleeting Moments into Memories

Our goal is to artistically capture your authentic moments and love story, and to provide you and your family with images you can proudly display in your home. We want your photos to evoke all the excitement, love, and anticipation you're feeling before baby arrives.

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Babymoon photos in Hawaii

Celebrate Your Body

We genuinely care about making sure your photoshoot is an empowering experience. We want you to feel beautiful and powerful. We think that for great art you need to feel comfortable being vulnerable, so we'll become friends during the process to capture the authentic, fleeting, joyful moments.

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When to schedule your photoshoot

The best time to plan your baby moon or maternity photoshoot is between months 5-7 of your pregnancy. Much earlier and your baby bump might not be as visible- much later and it might be harder to move around. We usually have you run/hop/skip/play and it's typically easier to do this earlier in your pregnancy.

Solo or with your partner

Maternity photos are pretty special. Your body has transformed, you're carrying life inside you which is extraordinary. We want to celebrate your body, swollen feet, stretch marks and all. We can take maternity photos of just you, or with your partner.

Don't forget to accesorize

We know that gender reveals have become a big part of pop culture. However, since we try to respect the environment so we don't photograph confetti, balloons, or anything else that pollutes the environment. Instead, a traditional Hawaiian haku or flower petal toss are a beautiful way to honor baby and to celebrate the moment.


"Kelsi and Patrick are an amazing duo that work together to give you the best photos and amazing experience. I did maternity photos with them and despite being big and pregnant, they really made me feel beautiful. They were so friendly and really made me feel comfortable, even in the nude! I would love to have my photos taken by them again!

Thanks again Kelsi and Patrick for your amazing work!"

- Sora

Hawai'i has so many gorgeous locations to take maternity photos, from stunning white sand beaches, rocky tidepools, or tropical forest escapes. Do you want a tropical beach experience, or how about a splash on a white sand beach. Or, do you want both? A stroll through the woods plus a dip in the ocean at sunset?

Either way, we'll help you pick your dream maternity sessions location.

Location Options

baby moon maternity photos in Hawaii

Beach Photoshoot


Beach maternity photo shoots are super fun. They're a bit easier to manage than a forest location if you're later in your pregnancy (no roots or mud to slip in). For a beach shoot we'll have you play in the sand, splash in the water, and will end the night with a sunset dip in the ocean.

Forest Photoshoot


Forest photo shoots are our favorite- they're just something so magical about the way the light shines through the trees. We know of so many gorgeous secluded locations on the islands to take your maternity photos. Tropical forests are such a special way to capture the time before baby arrives.

Maternity Outfit Recommendations

baby moon maternity photos in Hawaii

We want you to stand out against the backdrop. So, if you're in the forest stay away from greens, and on the beach opt away from blue. We recommend not choosing gendered clothing. Instead, pick colors you love not ones you feel like you have to.

Consider the location

baby moon maternity photos in Hawaii

Coordinate, but don't get too

matchy matchy

We don't recommend wearing the same color (with the exception of black or white). Instead, choose to coordinate with clothes in similar tones. You're gonna want to steer clear of neon, branded items, so the photos stay timeless.

expecting mother hold belly during Oahu Maternity Photoshoot

The very best outfit advice we can recommend is to choose something you feel beautiful in. When you feel comfortable in your own skin it will chine through in the photos. Whether that's a maternity gown, or jeans an a t-shirt, pick clothes that reflect your personality.

Feel like a godess



baby moon maternity photos in Hawaii
baby moon maternity photos in Hawaii
couple looks out to ocean at Makapuu Lookout during maternity photoshoot

Lake Tahoe

Baby Moon

Forest & Ocean Maternity Photoshoot


Baby Moon

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