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Activity Ideas

While big traditional weddings have a pretty set plan of events they tend to follow, when you elope—the activities you can do during your day aren’t limited to just a ceremony and a reception. Open your mind to your wedding day being a lot more than saying vows and taking a few portraits—this is your chance to craft an entire day together, from start to finish that is as much fun, and representative of who you two actually are as possible.

The best place to start this process? With a few questions. Ask yourselves things like:

• What are our favorite activities to do together?

• What do we do for fun on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

• How could we incorporate what we love to do on our elopement day?

• Is there a new activity that we want to try together on our elopement day?

Think outside the box! Get creative and don’t be afraid to splurge—it’s your wedding day, after all!

Relaxing Activities


Night Activities

From a 2-mile hike to a 2-day trek, nothing says badass elopement like a hiking adventure to your ceremony spot. Whether you love a casual jaunt in the woods to connect with nature or absolutely love tackling a tough hike together, there are so many trails out there I’d be happy to show you!

• Sightseeing

• Indigenous tree planting

• Taking a motorcycle ride

• Riding bikes

• Horseback riding

• Soaking in a hot tub

• Relaxing in a hammock together

• Doing yoga together

• Drawing or painting

• Hanging out in a treehouse

• Having a picnic

• Wine Tasting

• Coffee shop tea or coffee date

• Fishing

• Stop a a foodtruck

• Dinner from a private chef

Just because the sun sets doesn’t mean the fun is over. There are so many night activities you can include in your day!

• Stargazing

• Cozying up next to a campfire

• Making s’mores & cooking a campfire dinner

• First dance by firelight

• Night hiking

Helicopters & Plane Rides

Not a hiking fan? You don’t have to be. Easily access amazing places in the backcountry with total privacy by helicopter or plane! Get dropped off on a mountain, a glacier, a remote island— this is basically a cheat code for seeing multiple landscapes without hiking or driving. Taking a hot air balloon ride is another magical transportation experience where you can see the world from above.

Camping, Glamping & Backpacking

If you think it would be fun to camp the night before or after your elopement, you can pitch a tent yourself or rent a glamping experience. You could take a few days to backpack on a trail you’ve always wanted to explore—or book a guided overnight where your stuff is carried for you and camp is all set up (glampacking!).

Adrenaline Pumping Activities

Water Activities

Activities with guests & kids

Feel alive on the water? There are so many water activities you can do on your elopement day!

Unless you’re a certified professional, you’re going to want to hire a guide for some of these activities!

Want to involve your friends, family, kiddoes or your fur babies in some activities on your day? Here’s a few ideas!

• Canoes

• Kayaks

• Paddleboards

• Fishing

• Soaking in hot springs

• Cliff jumping

• Scuba diving or snorkeling

• Jetskiing

• Paragliding

• Rappelling

• Rock Climbing or Bouldering

• Sky Diving

• Base Jumping

• Bungee Jumping

• Slacklining or Highlining

• Canyoneering or Caving

• Mountain biking

• Dancing

• Go on a walk with your dog

• Play yard games

• Play card games

• Have a dance party

• Piñatas (if leave no trace approved!)

• Photo or video booth

• Karaoke

Some of these ideas don’t require a lot of planning to incorporate them into your wedding day, while others you’re going to want to book in advance or hiring a professional guide.

Make sure you schedule enough time for these in your day (or days) so that you can enjoy them fully without feeling rushed.

Helicopter adventure elopement

Indigenous Tree Planting

Private Helicopter Ride & Landing

Morning Hike

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