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Permit Info

Everything you need to know to make sure you're legal

Land in Hawai'i is sacred, and unfortunately with the influx of social media and geo-tags we have gotten an influx of inquiries for off limit spots. We do our best to be "pono/responsible" and will only take you to locations that are legal, and accessible with a permit.

Since your elopement will include us (a commercial business) if you elopement takes place on public land, a permit is necessary. Hawai'i has particular rules: permit holders need $1,00,000 liability insurance (don't worry, we've got you covered there), you can't get permits for Hawaiian cultural sites, and typically can't get beach permits for Sunday's or State Holidays as the beaches are reserved for locals on those days. There are a slew of other rules, depending on the location. Feel free to read through some of them below, but just know this. We 100% have you covered. We will have a permit, follow the rules, and will guide you if you have any questions. This process should be as easy for you as possible, so we take care of all the nitty-gritty details. You just need to show up and have a rad adventure!

If you're getting married in Hawai'i, and it's not on private property, you need a permit

But don't worry, we apply on your behalf!

Types of permits

Forests & Trails

We apply for these permits through a different platform then beach permits. Some locations require us to apply 45 or 90 days in advance and only allow one commercial event per date so not all locations will be available if we're planning short-term.

While we can take photos at some of these locations - we can't perform marriages at all of them and may need to sign your marriage license off-site. We'll let you know when we apply and ask you to be flexible.

Beach Weddings

All beach weddings need a permit. Most beaches (but not all) are accessible with a permit. Ideally, we try to go to less crowded locations that have sweeping view. Read the full terms of the permit below.


And Answers

common permit Questions



Can we have alcohol on the beach?

Can we go to any Hawai'i waterfall or trail?

No, we only take you to legal places and can obtain a permit for. Off-limits spots might be ecologically vulnerable, unsafe to access, or a Hawaiian cultural site. If we took you to these locations, it could damage the environment, you, or our business if we were caught - so we ask that you respect the rules. In addition, you'll see that not every beach or trail is on the location lists. Many spots, while legal, are completely overrun and do not provide a private or enjoyable elopement experience.

Unfortunately no. I know, it's a bummer. But, breaking these rules puts our business in jeopardy, since we're the ones the permit is under. But, we can still do an awesome champagne pop using sparkling cider - or your can sip on your favorite childhood sodas (or am I the only one obsessed with cream soda?!) You beach picnic can still be awesome without alcohol.



How far in advance do you apply for permits?

If we have an all day elopement, do we need multiple permits?

For beach permits we can actually apply the day of! That way, we can watch the weather, see who else has permits for that spot and change plans if need be.

National and State Parks reacquire us to apply at least 45 days in advance and in general, the sooner we get the permit in the better. It's not atypical for us to apply months in advance and not receive the permit back until the week of an elopement.

Probably, it depends on the locations you like. But we'll let you know and will add the permits to your client portal once we have them. We cover all permit costs, even if there are multiple unless a specific location requires a DOCARE Officer (typically $250-$400) or if you opt to rent a private venue.

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