Start with your 10 FAVORITE things.

Think about the top 10 things that you and your fiancé LOVE doing together. Big things, little things, simple things, extra things. These can be places, activities, people, food etc., but they should all be things that bring you immense joy and make you feel like the best version of yourself. So your list might get a little longer than 10, and that’s okay! But shoot for 10 at first to give you a great idea of what to include on your elopement day.

Imagine how do you want the day to feel.


Imagine the best day you ever…what would it look like from start to finish? Are you looking for a chill, slow-paced + relaxed day? Or are you looking for something that is adventure-packed? Maybe a balance? Think about the things that you and your person love to do. Are you super into craft beer? Bring some along! Do you spend your weekends hiking? Let’s incorporate that into your ceremony or portraits location. Are you avid kayakers? Let’s do a kayak trip! Do you love interior design? I’ll help you find an epic Airbnb to spend your time in. This is supposed to be your dream day, don’t be afraid to make it that. We will be there are friends to help guide and adventure with you on a day that is truly yours.

What’s important to you (dress, food, styling)?


Similar to the last point, think about what’s important to you. Do you want to have your hair and makeup done? Being in the middle of the ridgeline might not be conducive to that (although we’ll try our hardest to find someone!) What do your price points look at for things like your dress, food, or additional excursions? (Helicopters to the top of a mountain cost some money!). Do you want to have florals, or do you want to keep it simple? Think about the things that are important to you and how they’d be critical players in making your best day a reality, and that’ll help you clear up your list of things to do.

Steps to planning your dream day and working with us

Step 02

Step 01

Read through this guide

Fill out your questionnaire

We put everything we know about planning an elopement into this private site. Take a look at all the pages (especially the ones specific to the island you're getting married on) and picture your dream day. Think about what elements are most important yo you, and what you want the day to feel like.

Fill out the questionnaire that's in your client portal. This will give us an idea of the locations you like and what activities are most important to you. We'll use this to create your custom location list.

Step 03

Step 04

Review our custom location list

Final prep for your day!

Next you'll finalize your wedding attire, accommodations, and other vendors. We'll apply for permits and logistics and work together to create the ceremony. It's time to get EXCITED!!

Yay! Your elopement is getting closer! Once we receive your questionnaire we'll review it, brainstorm or scout locations, and make sure they are all accessible with permits (this process may take awhile to please be patient with us). Together we'll narrow down your top locations and use that to craft a day-of timeline.

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We want to be here for you throughout EVERY step of the process. Whether you need vendor references or just want to vent about the planning process.

Schedule a time to chat with us below. We would seriously love to hear how the planning process is coming along.