Writing your

Your vows should come from the heart. They can be two sentences of two pages. Don't stress it! You're eloping for a reason and the ceremony should 100% reflect your relationship. We've listed some prompts below to give you ideas, but will chat in more detail about the ceremony 2-4 weeks before your elopement!


  • What is your favorite thing about the other person?
  • What do you love to do together?
  • In what ways do they inspire or encourage you to be a better person?
  • What are you most excited about as it pertains to married life?
  • Why do they make you laugh?
  • How did you feel the first time you met them?
  • What do you miss about him or her when they aren't around?
  • What obstacles have you overcome together?
  • What do you see in your future?
  • Inside jokes or stories
  • Favorite poems, song lyrics, etc.
  • Sample Ceremony Script

    We've created this guide as a resource for crafting your ceremony script, to guide you and your officiant through the process. To access the editable word doc:

    1. Click this link, to access a ceremony script.

    2. Log into your Google account (or create a free account)

    3. Select "FILE" > "CREATE A COPY"

    4. Name and save in your own account.

    DONE! You can now edit this document for your own vows!

    Please note that this is just a template! Ceremonies can include all sorts of things. You can include family members, traditions that are important to you, or words/poems/ scripture that is meaningful. We encourage you to craft a ceremony that is unique and meaningful to the two of you. Avoid cluttering up your ceremony with "stuff" just for the sake of filling time. Everything you include in your ceremony should be in service of highlighting the two of you and your relationship.


    Elements you can include in your ceremony

    Jumping the broom

    Hawaiian lei exchange

    Traditional ring exchange

    Salt ceremony

    Handfasting ceremony

    Readings from guests

    If you're including any of these items, or anything else please let us know before hand so that we're prepared to get photos of it!

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