Sandy Beach Engagement Photoshoot

Sandys Beach Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement shoots provide a wonderful opportunity for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera. We were thrilled to work with Joanna and Josh, a vibrant couple whose fun-loving spirit shone through from the moment we met. With their upcoming wedding at the Four Seasons Resort on O'ahu, we knew a tropical beachy vibe would be perfect for their engagement photos. Join us as we embark on a sunset adventure to one of our favorite seaside locations: Sandys Beach!

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Embracing Candidness and Playfulness

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As the session began, we started with some more posed shots, allowing Joanna and Josh to ease into the rhythm of the shoot. However, it quickly became evident that their love for each other was palpable and effortlessly translated into the photos. They embraced the playful and candid moments, running up and down the beach, laughing, and cherishing every intimate glance. It was a joy to witness their authentic connection and capture those tangible, unique, and memorable moments.

Sunset Serenade by the Calm Waves

With the sun gently setting on the horizon, we proposed an unconventional idea to Joanna and Josh – venturing into the waves for a captivating experience. While Sandys Beach is known for its powerful waves and potential hazards, luck was on our side that day, and the water was calm. The couple embraced the opportunity, sitting in the surf, their love illuminated by the tropical hues of the sunset. Small waves broke around them, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere that beautifully enhanced the final images.

Joanna and Josh's engagement session at Sandys Beach was a testament to their vibrant personalities and profound love for one another. From their playful moments on the shore to the serene serenade by the calm waves, every frame captured their genuine connection. The relaxed and laid-back setting allowed them to express their love authentically, resulting in photographs that reflect their unique journey.

Permits for all locations in these photos and video was acquired prior to shooting. Please follow local laws and regulations if visiting Hawai’i.

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