Surprise Helicopter Proposal on Ko'olau Ridge

Experience the heartwarming story of Shahram's unforgettable surprise helicopter proposal to his beloved Esther on the stunning Ko'olau ridges above Kualoa Ranch. As their vacation to O'ahu reached new heights, Shahram enlisted our help to create a moment they would cherish forever. Join us as we unveil the details of their full island helicopter tour with a magical landing and the joyous surprise that unfolded. At Eternal Tides Photography, we are passionate about capturing helicopter proposals, and to make it even more special, we offer a discounted photography package. Read on to discover how we made Shahram and Esther's dream proposal a reality.

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A Dreamy Adventure through the park

Shahram knew he wanted to create a proposal that would take Esther's breath away. With O'ahu's stunning landscapes as his backdrop, he planned a full island helicopter tour with a landing on the breathtaking Ko'olau ridges above Kualoa Ranch. Paradise Helicopter, renowned for their exceptional tours, partnered with us to ensure every detail was perfect for this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

To maintain the surprise, Shahram hired us to pose as fellow guests on the helicopter tour. Our team seamlessly blended in, disguising our true purpose until the perfect moment. This allowed us to capture Esther's genuine surprise and delight as Shahram got down on one knee amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Ko'olau ridges.

As the helicopter gracefully touched down on the Ko'olau ridges, Shahram led Esther to a picturesque spot overlooking the breathtaking scenery. The panoramic views of lush valleys, rugged cliffs, and the Pacific Ocean below created an unforgettable backdrop for their love story. Our expert photographers skillfully captured each precious moment, from the nervous excitement to the overwhelming joy, ensuring that every emotion would be forever etched in their hearts.

Shahram and Esther's surprise helicopter proposal on Ko'olau Ridge above Kualoa Ranch is a testament to the power of love and the beauty of O'ahu's landscapes. The magical setting, carefully planned surprises, and professional photography came together to create a proposal that exceeded all expectations.

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At Eternal Tides Photography, we understand the significance of capturing the surprise and raw emotions of a proposal. That's why we offer a specialized photography package for helicopter proposals. For a slight discount, we can provide one talented photographer to discreetly document the entire proposal for $500. Alternatively, you can opt for two photographers for comprehensive coverage at $750. These photos will serve as a cherished reminder of the magical moment when two souls embarked on a new chapter of their love story.

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