Trashing your dress is a great way to not only re-live some special moments with your lover, but also allows for a completely distinctive set of intimate photos. Essentially, your trash the dress session is a chance for you two to let loose, be yourselves, and make more memories beyond the wedding day itself. We had our own trash the dress adventure session at a secret waterfall, and we arguably love those photos even more than the ones from our wedding day. While trashing your dress may not seem worth it, we absolutely loved every minute of ours! The amazing part about trashing your dress in Hawaii is that there are so many different settings— from tide pools, to waterfalls— where you can choose to have your own customized adventure.

A trash the dress session is an elegant way to wear your wedding attire outside of your wedding venue. This non-traditional photoshoot will surely turn some heads and put a unique twist on your once-in-a-lifetime love adventure! While taking your wedding dress in the ocean or in a waterfall may not fit the designer’s recommendation for long-term preservation (but seriously, what’s the point of keeping it neatly in a box for decades?), usually dresses do not actually get ruined, but may get a bit muddy, or torn lace at the hem. For some reason, there appears to be great hesitation among brides when considering a trash the dress session (we also get that wedding dresses can be among the most expensive items in your budget).

Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer

Ocean Freedive

If you’re divers like us, you may (or may not) have considered taking your trash the dress session completely underwater! This truly unique session is built for water lovers and promises some of the most stunning underwater photos! Some important considerations for planning a freediving session is your comfort underwater (we avoid using masks, as they detract from the photos, so practice opening your eyes underwater) and the ocean conditions (winter time brings large waves and lower visibility). While these sessions typically rely a bit more on swimming, we use a combination of floats and buoys to safely conduct all of our in-water sessions. Plus Patrick is both a marine biologist and a PADI certified dive instructor while Kelsi is a PADI certified Rescue divers. You’ll be safe in the water with us and we’ll ensure you don't damage any of the local ecosystem in the process.

We return to each other in waves... this is how water loves.

Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer

Sunset surf session

Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer

Getting wet is a fun way to trash your dress. However, some dresses may be too cumbersome to manage in the water, so bringing along some surfboard props is a fantastic way to get the best of both worlds, while capturing the laid-back vibe of surfing (whether or not you actually know how to surf!). We usually spend a few minutes on shore, getting some close-up surfboard shots before heading into the water. Depending on your swimming ability, surf sessions can either be conducted in shallow water, or farther offshore, but the focus is less on the surfing, and more about you two hanging out together on the water. What better way to showcase the quintessential ambiance of the Hawaiian islands?

Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer
Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer



Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer
Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer
Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer
Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer

ocean bay


If you’re still interested in playing in the ocean, but don’t think surfing or freediving is for you, then perhaps doing an over-under session is something you should consider. We’ll take you to a quiet tide pool or sandy beach with few waves to capture the half underwater, half above water over-unders! These photos are SO MUCH FUN to create! You''ll wind up with tons of sand in your hair, but you’ll get to splash around like you're a kid again, make out in the waves, and have fun while we create one-of-a-kind images.


mountain or waterfall

Hawaii Adventure Elopement

Okay, but what if you don’t want to get in the ocean?? Luckily Hawaii has a multitude of other beautiful locations for trash the dress sessions. Among our favorite land-based locations would be the majestic waterfalls and tropical mountain scenery. If you love hiking or being in the lush greenery, having a trash the dress session at a mountaintop is a surefire way to capture the drama of rock, earth, and sky. Since most adventures through the forest means slippery, slidey, and muddy, expect to go barefoot! We’ll show you how to pack your dress clothes and bouquet in a backpack.

*Please note that we only take you to spots that are legal and we can get a permit for - please respect local laws and rules when visiting Hawai'i.

waterfall trash the dress

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Hawaii trash the dress underwater photographer






We wore our wedding day attire for our own trash the dress session in the forest, while this is the more photographically stunning option, we understand that it may not be fore everyone. Therefore, you can always choose to purchase a cheap dress alternative, so that you do not have to worry if it gets wet, muddy, or slightly torn.

An example of some versatile, yet inexpensive dresses would be:

If you want epic trash the dress shots, we highly suggest that you consider wearing your original wedding attire. The juxtaposition of the fragility of the wedding outfits with the rawness of the environment will stand out, yielding visually stunning images regardless of the backdrop! Plus, you probably aren’t planning on wearing your wedding dress again - but you will have these images to remember FOREVER. There are some fabrics/dresses that are easier to carry in and get wet. Big poofy ball gowns get really heavy when wet, but flowing chiffon or silk look gorgeous in the water. If you’re ever unsure we can help you out!








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