Krystal & Sam's

Male'ana Gardens Wedding

By Adventure Elopement Team Kelsi and Patrick Nichols of Eternal Tides Photography

Krystal and Sam have the kind of love that fills up a room. Their energy feeds off one another. So when Sam first spotted Krystal adorned in her traditional Pyebaek walking in for their Korean ceremony, a giant smile danced across his face. The pair decided to make the most of COVID restrictions and plan for a TWO DAY wedding at Male'ana Gardens in Kailua. The first day was just family and a blending of Sam’s Korean cultural practices with Krystal’s Phillipino cultural practices. They shared stories and had a mellow evening with family. With the legalities out of the way, their second day at Maleana Gardens was a PARTY! With only their closest friends in tow, they had a third ceremony! Krystal wore her hair down, donned her favorite shoes of all the outfits, and ROCKED her third wedding dress. Similarly, Sam went for a more casual outfit to match the vibe. Cocktails were sipped, cake was cut (shoutout to Hipp Bakes for two stunning wedding cakes), and dinner was served under a magical garden pergola. While the two-day was a clever solution to COVID wedding restrictions, we highly encourage taking a page from their playbook for a relaxed wedding experience. Remember, when you choose to elope and have your wedding, your way, you get to throw the rule book out the window!

*This wedding was at a private venue. Permits for the beach location were acquired prior to shooting. Please follow local laws and regulations if visiting Hawai’i.