Why you should take engagement photos
Crouching Lion Engagement Photoshoot





Four Reasons to Take Engagement Photos in Hawai'i

We do a lot to make sure that our clients are comfortable with us on their wedding day (after all, you’ll likely be spending more time with your photographers on your wedding day than your significant other). We’ll do a venue walk-through with you, get drinks while hearing about your vision, or chat on the phone to make sure we’re all on the same wavelength. However, hands down the best way to connect with your wedding photographers is to have an engagement session with them well before your wedding. Plus, there are many other potential benefits of working with them prior to your big day! We're strong believers that you can never have too many photos - these are the memories you'll want to keep.

01. To ensure you vibe with your photographer before the wedding day.

The most important part of booking an engagement shoot is surely to make you and your partner more comfortable with taking pictures and having your photographer around. Most of our clients say that they are awkward in front of a camera, so setting aside some time to break down those initial ‘awkward’ barriers is clearly helpful (none of our clients turned out to actually be awkward at all)! But, you won’t feel embarrassed when we tell you to make out or be super silly. That way, on your wedding day we can capture nothing but authentic moments and pure joy!

Why you should take engagement photos

02. Have a day of fun, find out how your photographer's process works

All photographers are different, so an engagement shoot could be a trial run before investing in your wedding day photographer. (We did two engagement shoots both with photographers we didn’t end up choosing.) If you’re at all on the fence, booking a shoot beforehand is a great way to help solidify your choice in either direction. Remember that your photographer is who you will likely be spending most of your wedding day with, so use this time to make sure you both get along! You will also have the unique opportunity to see if you actually like their style, apart from the best photos that probably got you interested in booking with them in the first place! You’ll likely get a preview of what their workflow is like— do you end up getting all the shots you wanted, is the style actually what you want? Is the gallery professional and delivered in a timely manner? Is communication easy?

Why you should take engagement photos

03. Display your engagement photos at your wedding

Most people want an engagement shoot so that they can send out save-the-dates. Having a professional take your engagement photos is a fantastic way to make sure that your save-the-dates are fire. Just make sure you book well enough in advance so that you have the photos in time (which basically means that this should be done as soon as you are engaged)! We have attended so many weddings where clients have also used their engagement photos as a way to tell their story— used as decorations on tables, guestbooks, or on signs— the choices are endless!

Why you should take engagement photos

04. Your photographer will learn about you as a couple - the serious, the silly, and all the good stuff that makes you guys unique

If you’re a silly couple or a couple that doesn’t much like making out on-demand, and engagement shoot will help the photographer learn more about you both and cater their style to whatever suits the two of you. An engagement session is more than enough time for your photographer to gauge your aesthetic and work with poses and candid interactions that highlight you as a couple.

Get comfortable in front of the camera

Sandy Beach Engagement Photoshoot
Why you should take engagement photos
Boho China Walls Engagement Photoshoot
Makapuu Oahu Engagement Session
Turtle Bay Engagement Photoshoot

Your engagement photos help tell your full story. And, we think everyone should have pictures they LOVE of themself and their lover.

Cause love is a beauty that’s worth documenting.


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